Six Steps to the MOLST

Plan and Write Down Your Wishes

Take some time to review a MOLST form, educate yourself about advanced care planning and outline your treatment wishes in the event of a health crisis. If you do not want CPR, please note a MOLST form is the only instruction that Emergency Medical Services and healthcare professionals

Start a Conversation

Meet with your loved ones and have an open conversation with them about your treatment wishes. This will create an opportunity to share your preferences before a healthcare crisis and to have an open dialogue to explain your choices.

Meet with Your Healthcare Provider

Now is the time to schedule an appointment with your medical provider (it is important to note in advance that you would like to meet about MOLST, as the appointment is covered by most insurance plans.) This is when to ask questions about treatment options and interventions.

Complete the MOLST

Your doctor, nurse practitioner or physician’s assistant can assist you in completing your MOLST form. Once they sign, you will want to provide a paper copy of your MOLST to: Family, Skilled Nursing Facilities, Assisted Living Facilities, Loved Ones and/or your Primary Medical Provider.

File, Print and Post

Make sure to file a copy of your completed MOLST with your will and other important papers. In addition, post a copy of this form on your corkboard, refrigerator or where others may see it in an emergency.


With your MOLST form completed and posted with all parties, you can relax knowing that your treatment wishes will be clearly understood and followed.